Freitag, 20. Januar 2017

studying 📚

Today I want to present you my study routine and what kind a technique I use this is    may an inspiration for you, I hope so. 

First before I get started with my studying I do a list with all of my tests+date organized to which one is first on the top and which one is last on the bottom. 

Next I organize What exactly I study on which day to get the best results in the tests. This depends on every kind of subject.
It’s really good to start early with studying for a test, because then you can do “study breaks” or when you have important to do you can leave out that one day studying and it isn’t going to be dramatic. Here it’s important to leave one day out where you do just relaxing things or things you like. So that your brain&body can rest after these immense tasks for studying.

Then I start with my tasks. On a school day I try to eat my lunch in school so that I can start right away with studying, because I try to keep my time in between studying and not studying low. I learn intensely 30min and then I do a 10min break where I eat something, lay on my bed or watching youtube videos. If I am stressed I do not learn, because I won’t concentrate or memorize anything. I often learn with relaxation music or music which has 528 hz and 7.83 hz. Studying in a library is so good. It keeps me so motivated and calm during my study session. That’s pretty much it for my study routine. 

Study techniques I use:

subjects where you have to memorize many things ->Biology, History, Religion/Ethic, Music, Geography, Global Studies, Business subjects etc.

  • Mind Palace Method
  • imaging the things I read
  • putting everything I need to memorize in a weird, stupid, fun story
  • watching films 
  • explain those things to someone else
  • memorizing technical words with pictures which explain the meaning of it+ translation in your language

more on Youtube from ronnie white

learning a language subjects: English, Frensh etc.

-go over you last test and correct it -> write down in which specific area (e.g past tense, reading comprehension) you got it wrong 
-train your problem areas
-do a list of common mistakes you do
- (websites with online explanation+tasks)
-daily English/ Frensh etc
-on the weekends watching films or serials in english
-reading a book in English/ Frensh -> to improve grammar+vocabulary

logic subjects: Math, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science etc

- 4 tasks daily
-understand the basics before the advanced stuff
-Formulary organized&clean
-do practice problems
-take old exams & correct them or from other students
-problems: visualize it with pics 
-learn all the ways a problem can be solved
-if you're confused ask for the process not the solution
-not memorizing (only formularies)
-write down questions when doing homework
-keep a small mathematical diary with everything important in it
-find the error(s)+ do it again
-all task I got wrong -> repeat

Sonntag, 15. Januar 2017

How A Students are raised

Yes, you read it right in the title. This post is going to be about how I think A students are raised. Since September started, I changed my school. These days I am going to a school with a higher level and this is where I found my idea for this post. And I know you can be an A student even when you weren’t raised in this circumstances. It’s just my idea how these people are raised. It is may not  like this, but I saw that constantly many times. This was the introduction. 
First, start with the origin the parents. The parents of an A student speak (fluently), write and read the language in that he/she studies on an B or C level. So they speak constantly the most important language for their studying. Second it would be good if those parents have a good knowledge with those basic subjects such as Math, Science, Geography, History etc. (Other parents are also great! Mine are too even when they aren't good in these subjects) The ideal A student starts early to learn basic things you need for school subjects. I mean logic training, memorizing training, musical training. Because the earlier you start to train these things the easier it will be in school. I personally didn’t train these things at a young age. 
The environment where you are raised is also important. I mean with this friends. For example. Let’s compare person A and B. Person A as soon as they go to school they hang out with people who are lazy and don’t care about their future plus do not have any goals they want to reach. Person B hangs out with people who are constantly learning and set goals they want to reach for school or sport whatever. Who do you think will be a good student with the mentioned circumstances? Next is lifestyle. The ideal A student lives in a healthy lifestyle. Which means constantly the same sleeping hours.Because enough sleeping hours are important to keep that what you learned in mind.He/She has a healthy diet. A healthy diet helps you to concentrate. The last thing is what really matters is probably the most important part. A strong personality. A fighter who fights until he/she got what he/she wants. Stamina, will power, hard worker. 

-You can reach whatever you want no matter what

This is wrong: “I can’t” 
This is right: “I can”

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