French vibes

Whenever I hear french music or I watch a movie in french I have these beautiful pictures in my head. This happens only in this language and not in any other language. I love France, the language and the people from this country. Many german people don’t like french People. Their Argument is: “French people are arrogant”. I really don’t get it and the argument isn’t even strong, but anyway I have my opinion and they have theirs. 

I'm only 17, but I have already visited France so many times and it never gets boring. I would like to go there again. 

I feel like french people are very polite as they say "Pardon" really often. Some are really excited that you speak their language even when you have struggles. 

  This is literally one of the cutest movies with all french vibes. 
  I would enjoy this movie best with a cup of tee. 


Ridding a bike in France and exploring the city
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Booking a hotel in France and waking up to exactly this kind of view.

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Sitting in pretty restaurant somewhere in the corner in Nice.
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My favorite french songs:

-Pour que tu m'aimes encore Celine Dion
-Divine Idylle Vanessa Paradis
-Onizuka PNL

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