Donnerstag, 6. April 2017

Un poème

Parfois j'ai une super idee pour un poème. Je trouve écrire un poèm ou lire un poèm est très jolie, parce que il n'a pas qn ou qc qui peux enlever ca de toi.

Mon francais est un peu terrible. Je fais des fautes très souvent, mais je veux apprendre francais quand même.

un poème mais c'est anglais

English for all those who don't understand french

Sometimes I have a super idea for a poem. I like writing or reading poems because it's something no one can "steal" from you.

My french really sucks. I do really often grammatic mistakes but this isn't going to stop me from learning.

Here is a poem I wrote some weeks ago. I got inspired by an image on Instagram:

There’s a tree that starts to grow in your head with all good intentions you have.
It grows more and more with positive intentions and positive thoughts. Until you reached the best version of yourself it stops to grow. Fruits start to grow on this tree which nourish those who you love.
You see this is the tree.

The tree does not grow in people’s head when they suffer from negative thoughts and negative intentions. 
You see this is the tree.

The tree that shows your inner growth. 

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