Some story | CHAPTER 2

… I think I looked pretty shocked but even more shocked when I heard something falling down. In seconds my brain assimilated what I heard and I turned around. It was him. He fell down on the floor with his food which he got from the cafeteria. I ran over to him to see if I could help. It was the most handsome guy on this planet earth, Jake. He was unconscious. My pulse went up so high that it could reach the sky both because Jake is so hot and I started worrying if he will be ok. I called 911. Jake fell down probably because he had been in a hurry because he was always. The food he ordered was all over the floor and some in his face so I removed it. I didn’t know how I could help him so I screamed “Lizard”. I sat down and put Jakes head on my legs and tried to put his hair out of his face. Lizard came and sat down next to me. “Don’t worry. This is everything you can do for him right now. He won’t have any dramatic physical issues.” Lizard told me. “What are you doing with my boyfriend?” someone asked. I and Lizard looked up. “What happened with my babe?” she asked. I and Lizard were looking at each other really irritated. Why did he have a girlfriend? “Who are you? Are you his girlfriend?” Lizard asked the girl. “I am Liana von Rosenbach and Jake is my boyfriend!”, she responded to Lizard. “Sit down” while I showed her a place next to me. “I was just helping him because he fell down to the floor,” I told Liana. “Don’t worry and thank you. Can we start all over again? Hi, my name is Liana von Rosenbach.” she smiled. “I am Lizard and she is my best friend Louise.” Lizard welcomed her. 
A really loud noise came up. The ambulance finally arrived. We were all waiting so long it seemed like we have been there 10 years when the doctor finally arrived. “Hello, Girls! I don’t have good news for you…

To be continued

Well, no idea of any title came up in my head till now

Hope you liked it

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