Nothing you would expect | Chapter 3

Lol I've finally found a title for this story I hope you guys like it and check out the story.

We were all waiting so long it seemed like we have been there 10 years when the doctor finally arrived. “Hello Girls! I don’t have good news for you Jake has beside a concussion and grazes on his body a fracture in his right hand and hips. We will keep him here at least three more weeks. I looked at Liana and tears immediately ran down her face. She looked despairing and deeply sad. I thought I’ve never seen someone being this said except for actors in unrealistic Hollywood dramas. But then I couldn’t hold it back and started to cry because I felt sorry for Jake but also because I saw Liana’s pain from her sadness. 
Then Lizard pulled me and Liana close and the doctor said before he left: I’ll keep you updated. I’m sorry. Me and Lizard brought Liana home to make sure that she didn't go in the next pub and get drunk. In the afternoon when we all went home I just sat down and wrote everything about what had happened in my journal. I ended up crying falling as sleep. The next morning in school I was scared that Liana had done anything terrible last night because she was extremely sad so I told Lizard that we should check if Liana is at school. We went to the information thing in our school where you could say things like if you’re sick or the PE lesson didn’t go right and you needed an icepack. I told the reception lady: “Excuse me Miss. Did Liana von Rosenback (WTF the name? I couldn’t even pronounce it) attended her class today?” The lady checked on the computer and answered: “No, Liana von Rosenbach didn’t came to any of her class but her dad left a message that she is ill” Ok thank you miss! I told her. We didn’t thought anything serious happened so I went to my Japanese lesson and Lizard took a Chemistry lesson. I took my place as always next to that funny but lazy guy. 

“Hey! Louise my girlfriend needs time and distances” he told me with a not really sad face. “Tell me why. I’ll help you out homie” I told him. 
“Is she calculating velocity?” he laughed.
Oh shit I had never heard a bad joke as this one. “Bad joke but oh shit…”  and I started to laugh because of his bad joke. I just couldn’t stop laughing. When the teacher came in she told us in such a loud tone: “ Hold your mouth or go outside! Yung Chi my neighbor explained: “Cash me ousside how bout dat?” Everyone literally everyone couldn’t hold it we all started to laugh because Yung Chi told our teacher this gros old meme. Good that the teacher laughed as well otherwise me and Yung Chi would stay on the Friday afternoon in school. After like 2 million 300 thousand seconds no just kidding. After 15 minutes everyone had laughed Lizard run through the door out of nowhere. “Louise we have to speak right now!” “Go for it” the teacher nodded to me. 

“You remember the reception lady telling us that Liana’s father left a message that Liana is ill?”
“Yes but what do you mean Lizard?”
“The fuck Louise do you really think her father left a message. HER FATHER!”
“When you ask me like that after what had happened yesterday.No. Omg I’m scared we immediately need to tell our teachers and go to her house!”

Before I could finish my sentence Lizard told me that we will meet each other at the exit of our school.
2 Minutes later I was waiting for Lizard and had every terrible image about what could have happened to Liana. I was shaking my feet and couldn’t stop. I really hoped she’s at her house. Lizard came and asked me: “What are we going to do if she’s not at her house? I really fucking hope she didn't run away somewhere.” 

“Do you know on what it reminds me? It reminds me on this freaking scary horror movie where a girl ran away into a Japanese forest to commit suicide”. I scared the hell out of Lizard. I ringed on the door no I rather hit the door till someone opened the door.


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