Donnerstag, 17. August 2017

Chapter 6
Hellloooo and yeah finally back with another chapter. The whole time I didn’t have any idea about what I could write next but now I’m back with more ideaaas. (Listen to this song while you’re reading the story : Sambal - Aeroplane)

The next day arrived. Finally Friyay (aka Friday and yay)!
When I came from school at 1 pm I immediately took a shower
I ended up changing my outfit 4 times and put on the first one. That’s where I began to be nervous. I thought: What should I tell him or ask when I see him

Damn this guy is already making me crazy and I haven’t even met him. Hopefully, this is not going to be awkward. I know he has a girlfriend but anyway I want to make him think: Damn she is fine! 

Punctual as I am (sometimes) I took my train at 2:30 pm to be at the football sports pub at 3 pm. In the train, I thought about what I could say if I ran out of things to say. So I opened my notes on my iPhone and a message popped up  “See you later😉”. I just thought how sweet. The whole time I sat on the train literally nothing came up in my head probably because I was too nervous. I went down the stairs of the train and my I could hear the sound of my heart beating as a really loud song. I had five minutes left to arrive at the pub so I ran being scared he could left before I arrived. 

I saw him at the bar ordering a huge glass of beer wearing a white shirt and his arms barely fit in because of his huge biceps. On his head he wore a black cap. I only thought: After this day my head was going to explode because I was thinking 24/7 about him and the sound of my heart beating was extremely loud. Why did this dude ordered a beer when it is always 3 pm? 
I rolled my eyes and walked passed to him. He got off the chair and hugged me. Goose bumps all over my body. He scanned from the top to the bottom of my outfit. I was wearing a black t-shirt which I tied around my waist with a British school uniform skirt. I loved this school uniform/ grunge look. I was wondering if he liked the outfit or not. 

“I thought you would be late so I ordered a beer because Liana was always late” Jake said
“It’s fine. Just drink it out as fast as you can” I told him while I stared into his eyes analyzing how many different colors and what kind of structure he had. 
“Hahaha. If I do so I will puke”
“I don’t care. I can help you finish it” 
“You don’t look like someone who drinks beer”
“I wouldn’t drink it. I would put into the sink” I told him while I winked
He got a smile all over his face
“I know my jokes are good” I laughed
Then I realized where we were again. I thought I was somewhere else with Jake somewhere nowhere. My brain gave him all of my possible attention it had. There were only his eyes and his voice and the rest wasn’t existing. 
I was shocked thinking about what he did to me. This was ridicules. 
15 minutes later…
“I’m happy to finally finish this. It wasn’t even good!” Jake made a face as if he would puke
“I told you I would have put it into the sink. Anyway let’s go now it’s getting late” I told him
When I ran out of things to say he just came up with a new topic or another thing he wanted to tell me. It was so… much fun with him just talking and laughing about stupid things. All the time around him I could forget things I worried about, school and stress. I recognized a yellow stripe in his eyes on both ones. 

We arrived at the place he wanted to take me to and his mood went suddenly from happy and being weird to a feeling like someone just died in his hands. The place was deep in the woods and had a swing with dark/old roses around it. After he was searching all around the place he sat down on the swing looking sad and irritated. I was thinking about what I could do to improve his mood. I sat down on a stone in front of him so that I could talk face to face with him.

“Jake it’s totally ok to cry. You’re not less masculine if you do!” I told him after he turned his head to another side when he wiped a tear off his face.

He looked irritated in my face. Jake got off the swing looking at me and my heart raised up. He sat down next to me the whole time staring into my eyes. I suddenly felt his huge arms and head around on my shoulder. I felt so sorry for him because I could literally feel his pain inside me but I tried not to cry.

Freitag, 4. August 2017

What I ate on 3 days Raw till 4 Vegan

Hi everyone. I decided to go on Raw till 4 because a week ago and another week ago I didn’t eat healthy and I felt really weak and dizzy. Besides that RT4 is way faster and easier when it comes to preparing a delicious and healthy meal. Below I’ll list what I ate on 3 days when I started Raw till 4 and I still didn’t give up because I want to see the results and of course I feel way better.

Day 1


Lunch: summer rolls



Day 2 




Day 3



 Day 3

I forgot to take a pic of my breakfast and lunch sry

 Dinner on another day

Montag, 31. Juli 2017

How to stay single

This post is dedicated to everyone who doesn’t want a relationship whether it’s because of time shortage / you want have more time for yourself / you don’t want to be hurt / you don’t want to hurt someone else / you don’t want to have many problems / you don’t need a relationship.

I personally think that you don’t need a relationship with that one hot guy to be truly happy.

Maintain these following points if you want to stay single:

-first of all think about the advantages of being single
->do a whole list (and put it in your diary or hang it up on the wall) as reminder

-follow many hot guys on instagram
-> otherwise you may get excited about one guy

-if you text with a guy text with more than just one guy
->Otherwise you’re going to be concentrated on only one guy and may fall in love with him. If one guy texts you something sweet you’ll probably forget whom sent it to you when have more guys you are texting with

-text with guys who live far far away from you
-> so it’s harder to meet him and soon or later you’ll forget him

-hit every party in town with your friends
-> In general do things that keep you distracted. Otherwise it may ends with long nights in bed thinking about how bad we “need” this guy

-friendzone every guy who likes you more than just as a friend
->tell them you want to stay single

-work on your goals (I don’t mean your crush)

-do things you truly like & educate yourself  (learn a new language)

-fill in your calendar with appointments and meeting with friends
-> so that you’re to busy for a date with a guy

-don’t do something ALONE with a guy you find attractive and especially not at nigh
- don’t watch romantic movies bc most of the time they are just far away from reality

-friendship+ is allowed but when someone is feeling something for the other other person it needs to END

-get your crush a date with someone he likes apart from you and get him together with his fav girl

-watch the movie HOW TO BE SINGLE

Don’t forget:

If you think you’re on the way to fall in love with someone it’s not something bad or something you need to be sad or angry. It’s just all natural and it will fade away.

Relax and have Fun …