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I feel like through words I can really express what I want to say. That’s why I thought about writing about this:
This isn’t going to be a poem as I normally post. Today is or was the first bank holiday Easter.  For almost everything like this, one I am sceptical, sceptical as hell. In general, the reason is that I don’t like dramas playing during wars and I don’t like things that are sad. And I also hate crying in front of my family.
This drama is so fascinating, based on reality, unfortunate but, still it touched my heart and my mind.
The fact why I like it a lot is because it’s about a true friendship between a boy and a girl. First I thought they become really good friends but in, the end I felt it is much more than just a basic friendship. Both helped each other in bad situations and wanted the best for the other person even if it is the worst thing for them:  The girl was injured on one of her legs. Due, to this circumstance they couldn't run away together. She told him to flee w…

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