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How I got rid of my acne longterm

Nowadays many people suffer from acne - not only teenagers but also adults. I personally suffered from acne from the age of 14-16 and last year I still had some disgusting skin conditions. 

(Pictures from 2015)
I think I’ve already tried everything from masks to peelings that skin doctors offer. Every single medical treatment hurt in different ways: itchy, burning, pinching etc. They all helped me for some days and after I stopped doing these medical treatments my acne came back and it was the same problem before.  -> The reason for this is that acne is not only a skin problem but an indicator to problems inside of our body. With acne treatments like creams or peelings, we only fight against the symptoms but not against the problem that causes acne.  I’m sure the anti-baby pill isn’t helping the problem either because it doesn’t heal the problem.

Things that really helped me to be acne-free:
meditation, yoga, sport -> to release and reduce stressusing a natural face wash for sensitive…

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