Montag, 31. Juli 2017

How to stay single

This post is dedicated to everyone who doesn’t want a relationship whether it’s because of time shortage / you want have more time for yourself / you don’t want to be hurt / you don’t want to hurt someone else / you don’t want to have many problems / you don’t need a relationship.

I personally think that you don’t need a relationship with that one hot guy to be truly happy.

Maintain these following points if you want to stay single:

-first of all think about the advantages of being single
->do a whole list (and put it in your diary or hang it up on the wall) as reminder

-follow many hot guys on instagram
-> otherwise you may get excited about one guy

-if you text with a guy text with more than just one guy
->Otherwise you’re going to be concentrated on only one guy and may fall in love with him. If one guy texts you something sweet you’ll probably forget whom sent it to you when have more guys you are texting with

-text with guys who live far far away from you
-> so it’s harder to meet him and soon or later you’ll forget him

-hit every party in town with your friends
-> In general do things that keep you distracted. Otherwise it may ends with long nights in bed thinking about how bad we “need” this guy

-friendzone every guy who likes you more than just as a friend
->tell them you want to stay single

-work on your goals (I don’t mean your crush)

-do things you truly like & educate yourself  (learn a new language)

-fill in your calendar with appointments and meeting with friends
-> so that you’re to busy for a date with a guy

-don’t do something ALONE with a guy you find attractive and especially not at nigh
- don’t watch romantic movies bc most of the time they are just far away from reality

-friendship+ is allowed but when someone is feeling something for the other other person it needs to END

-get your crush a date with someone he likes apart from you and get him together with his fav girl

-watch the movie HOW TO BE SINGLE

Don’t forget:

If you think you’re on the way to fall in love with someone it’s not something bad or something you need to be sad or angry. It’s just all natural and it will fade away.

Relax and have Fun …

Sonntag, 23. Juli 2017

How to not fall in love with him

There was a little girl who fell in love with a guy named prince charming. All her thought were about this specific guy. Her grades drop quite a bit and she realized that she hates the feeling to fall in love. The only thing it does to her is making her unhappy, unconcentrated and in general, it wastes her time.

Below I’ll list you some of the things you should do or not if you don’t want to fall in love and if you have something better to do (sport, education etc.) instead.

If you think you’re on the way to fall in love do this:

-burn common memories with the guy (pictures, letters)

-think about why it would be better to not fall in love with him

-avoid seeing him

-DO NOT text him

-no exchanging of pictures on snapchat!

-try to see reality in your fantasy
->don’t ignore if he does something you don’t like or acts unfriendly to you

-don’t dress for him

-do a list on your phone with reasons why he’s not worth your time
->every time you think about him you can re-read it and keep seeing the reality

-don’t stalk him on social media/ real life

-don’t follow him on social media and do not like his pictures

-ask yourself: Do you really want to fall in love with him? What advantages has this? 

-DO NOT INTERPRET TOO MUCH if your crush only smiled at you or had a small talk with you these are no reason he’s in love with you

If we are in love with someone we tend to interpret too much into the actions of our crush and when they are just respectful or want to have a chit chat with us we think he fell in love with us. We also tend to live in a rosy red fantasy world where our crush is the prince charming on a rainbow unicorn and if he does something we actually don’t like/ something disrespectful we ignore it because we only see the good things in this guy. Soon or later we realize he’s not in love with us and that he’s a fuckboy.

And my tipping program doesn’t accept the word “fuckboy” and marks it red.

Or we think about how nice his personality is even if we don’t know him that well. 

xoxo Whitee-life 

Mittwoch, 12. Juli 2017

Street lights

The street lights fall asleep.
Followed by deep darkness
Every tree symbolises a person in our life
but are some of them really existing?
Or are some just an insignificant tree?

Can you hold my light
till I found my own way through the darkness?
The light breaks.
A massive consumption of alcohol
and your liver couldn't keep up with it.
I cry a whole river.
I realize I need to find my way alone
because, in the end,
you can barely depend on others.            

wonderful picture by my cute friend:

Montag, 10. Juli 2017

Nothing you would expect | Chapter 4 & 5

Chapter 4

No, no one opened the door it was just a dog inside the house who barked. We both were just desperate and totally worried about Liana. 
Lizard walked around the house and tried to find a window where we could look through or maybe the backyard door was open. 
“Louise!” Lizard screamed. I looked around me and went to Lizard. She looked into a window. Inside was everything perfectly tidied up as no one would live inside and it literally looked like a small Barbie house. The sofa was pink with a white pink pattern. Next to a brown table with flowers on it. Until that moment I thought this kind of facility would only exist in Barbie houses.
I and Lizard were about to go when I suddenly saw someone walking into the kitchen and I pushed Lizard back to the window. She looked at me as she had seen a ghost with big eyes and a wide mouth. Only one question came up in my head : “Is that Liana?”
The unknown person inside the house drank tea with her/his back turned to us and walked then passed us so I didn’t think about it and knocked on the window. The unknown person stopped by right after with wide eyes and the mouth ready to scream. There it came the loudest scream I’ve ever heard in real life. Lizard took my arm and we ran away as far as we could get. Then I stopped.
“Wait Lizard! Who was the person inside the house?”
“Ohh shit. We need to go back to see who it was but why didn’t this person opened the door when we ringed the bell and you even hit the door?”
“I have literally no idea. Let’s go back!”
So we ran back to the creepy Barbie dream house. I didn’t care because I wanted to find Liana so I pushed the bell a hundred times no just 10 times. Lizard looked at me really shocked as she would say : Are you mad to ring so often at their door? However, she only thought it. The door made “klick” and the unknown person we saw earlier opened it and screamed right after. Then closed the door in front of our nose. 
“Please wait! We only want to know if Liana is at home” I screamed. The unknown person couldn’t be Liana because she wouldn't have screamed the second time she saw us. Slowly the door opened again.
“Liana is not at home and her father also not” the unknown person told us with a Russian accent. 
“She didn’t show up at school today. Do you have any idea where she might be?
Has she been at home today?” like an interviewer Lizard asked
“I have no idea. I’m just Liana’s father’s new girlfriend. I just woke up so I don’t know Liana was at home today or no” she told us with the strong Russian accent.
“Ok thank you madam” and I and Lizard moved away from Liana’s house.
Everything seemed with no clue. Liana was nowhere to found. After several times trying to reach her via cell phone not even once she picked up the phone or read our messages. The same day we went to the police station. Liana wasn’t found after two weeks. Lizard thought the worst that Liana was killed or kidnapped. Some in our school thought she just changed to a private school in Singapur since her father was rich as fuck. 
I definitely knew I shouldn’t do it but I still visited Jake because I thought no one would have visited him. Maybe he had any idea about what had happened with Liana. I knocked on the door room 314 and said  “Excuse me! It’s Louise.”
I opened the door and the room looked cold with a white light which didn’t seem cozy at all plus it was disgusting warm in there. Jake looked directly into my face and I instantly started shaking. I thought: My friends are going to ask me now why I’m blushing. I definitely had a crush on him.Omg Jake was literally from his style, his ocean blue eyes and this messy blonde hair my dream boy in person. OMG.
His hospital whatever shirt was open that I could literally see his sixpack. That boy hit the gym probably more often than me (which is every second day). 
“Hi Louise! What leads you to visit me?” with this extremely handsome rough voice.
I thought: What should I answer?


Chapter 5

“Hi Louise! What leads you to visit me?” with this extremely handsome rough voice.
I thought: What should I answer?

I answered quickly: “Hi. I just wanted to see how you are doing since you fell really bad that day in the cafeteria.

“I’m doing great. I think the doctors do a really good job. Do you have any idea where my girlfriend Liana is?
Oh no! He literally caught me staring at his upper body. Soooo embarrassing I could have died. 
So I acted like nothing had happened.
“Yes, sry I thought about how I could explain you that but it sounds good that you’re doing great” I said with a half smile because I was partly embarrassed and partly not sure how to tell Jake what had happened. While I sat down on the chair in front of his hospital bed.
“Just tell me the truth” Jake answered with a really serious face.
“First I’m totally sorry that I didn’t tell you that earlier! When we, I and Lizard and Liana took you to the hospital Liana was extremely worried and sad because of your accident in the cafeteria. Lizard and I, we thought it’s better to bring her home before she runs into the next best pub and gets herself drunk as fuck. However, the day after she didn’t attend school. Still that…” so I told him the truth because he deserved it.
“Where is she now?” I could feel that Jake was scared about what I would tell him next. He looked so irritated.
“Jake, she didn’t show up ever again! Lizard and I have already told the police everything. I don’t if they still work on this case or If they gave up. At this time she disappeared for two weeks. I’m so sorry Jake.”
Jake looked through the window which was half closed and half open with a terrible view of a traffic jam next to the hospital. 
“Did Liana visited you again since you’re in here?” I asked him slowly and quietly.
Then again he looked at me the same way when I had opened the door.

“No, but why did she disappear? It couldn’t be just because I had that small accident in the cafeteria. There is more going on. I would understand it if I would lie in a comma or the doctor diagnosed me as dead” 

“Yes, you’re right. That’s what I thought the whole time. Everything seemed with no clue to me.” A wonder that I didn’t lose my nerves talking to him face to face. These ocean blue eyes damn I could have died.

“Tomorrow they (the doctors) let me go home so I think I know where she might or could be. She was always there when she needed time to be alone. We could go there tomorrow and see what we can find” Jake told me.

“I just got Liana to know and I have no idea that she has some kind of place. So where is that place because I have something like issues with scary places at night” I tried to explain Jake.
He laughed. “It’s absolutely not funny!” I tried to make a sad face but then I laughed as well.
“Actually it’s very creepy over there” he said with a creepy voice. 
“No, it’s actually a really creepy place so we go there by day. Don’t worry”

“Ok, If you have nothing against it I’ll bring Lizard tomorrow as well” 
“Yeah that’s ok with me. Tomorrow at the football sports pub at 3 pm?”
I smiled and gave him a thumbs up. “I need to go now. I’m still working on an essay for History. So see you tomorrow” I told him and went right after it home.

I hoped Lizard still wanted to find Liana otherwise I would be alone with Jake and I’m scared to be alone with that guy. Even after so much time I still had a crush on him and who knows what place he had talked about. Anyways I was a tiny bit happy that he wasn’t mad at me. I thought all that while I drove my bike through these flowers. I decided to go to Lizard’s house even when it took me 20 minutes to get there. While this I didn’t stop thinking about Jake. 

I arrived at her house and put my bike in the middle of the entrance because I thought I wouldn’t stay long at her house but later I ended up staying there one hour. I went the stairs up and rang on the door three times as always. Some years ago I told Lizard that if she heard the bell ringing three times it’s me. In my head I have already thought about how it would be alone with him at that place he talked about. Hopefully Lizard came with us I thought. Lizard’s mummy opened the door for me.
“Hi my Darling! I didn’t see you for weeks! How’s school going?” 
“Hey Misses Mary! I know. Last weeks I had a lot to do for my finals which are soon. Is Liz (short for Lizard) at home?”
“Yes, she’s in her room. Come in”
I walked passed the door. It smelt like freshly baked muffins in the oven. They had a mall way to the Guest’s bathroom and the kitchen. Next to it white painted stairs which made everything more modern. I went upstairs and crossed right to Lizard`s room. 
“Hello!” I hugged her lightly before she told me she couldn’t breathe.
“Girl you’re slaying. Where is that new outfit from?” She gave me an applause.
“Just my favorite random online shop as always. I need to ask you something it’s extremely important! You need to say yes. In general we need to search for Liana again!” Lizard disturbed me that I couldn’t finish my sentence.
“Wait what and why? Firstly come down you’re hyperactive!” She explained to me the last sentence very slowly.
I told her about the meeting for tomorrow I had planned with Jake because tomorrow he didn’t have to be in the hospital anymore. Plus I added Jake would know a place where Liana liked to be. Maybe we’ll find something tomorrow which gives us a hint where Liana could be. I went on my knees trying to convince her that she met Jake with me. The only thing which I did was amusing her because she laughed the whole time.
“I’m not coming obviously. I think you should go there alone and get Jake finally out of your head!” Lizard said.
I throw myself on her couch and looked through the window. This time a much prettier view than in the hospital.
“Lizard. I’m scared that after tomorrow I’m even more in love with Jake. Plus I don’t which place he would like to show me” While I made a sad face.
“Should I or you ask him where that place exactly is? I don’t think that guy would do anything to you which you don’t want since tomorrow is his first day out of the hospital. To be honest I think you can’t be more in love with him after tomorrow. Logically it wouldn’t be possible.” 
“Oh fml !(fuck my life, in this case, used as expression that the situation is complicated). However, it’s kinda ok. Tomorrow is Friday so I have Tomorrow and Saturday to go mad because I’m so in love with him. Sunday for coming down and back to reality when school starts the next day. Hopefully, two days will be enough.” I calculated for my Crazy-In love-Time.
Lizard just got a laugh-flash for 3 minutes and gave the thumbs up. 

The next day arrived. Finally Friyay (aka Friday and yay)!
When I came from school at 1 pm I immediately took a shower put on a nice makeup not too less and not too much. Usually, people think my makeup is a “No makeup makeup look”. They would say it if they knew there’s a word for it. 
I ended up changing my outfit 4 times and put on the first one. That’s where I began to be nervous. I thought: What should I tell him or ask when I see him

Pls let me know your thought about this

Belle journée! 🌷

Afternoon thoughts

I'm sorry that I'm so inactive recently but I'll change this (hopefully) because I have almost summer holidays and we do literally nothing in school. 

I think my poems are the results of my thoughts. Old thoughts and new ones. I can express myself way better in poems because it's indirect and it isn't that obvious about whom I'm talking about. I would really like to know your thought about this poem <3

This is just something I drew in class.