How to not fall in love with him

There was a little girl who fell in love with a guy named prince charming. All her thought were about this specific guy. Her grades drop quite a bit and she realized that she hates the feeling to fall in love. The only thing it does to her is making her unhappy, unconcentrated and in general, it wastes her time.

Below I’ll list you some of the things you should do or not if you don’t want to fall in love and if you have something better to do (sport, education etc.) instead.

If you think you’re on the way to fall in love do this:

-burn common memories with the guy (pictures, letters)

-think about why it would be better to not fall in love with him

-avoid seeing him

-DO NOT text him

-no exchanging of pictures on snapchat!

-try to see reality in your fantasy
->don’t ignore if he does something you don’t like or acts unfriendly to you

-don’t dress for him

-do a list on your phone with reasons why he’s not worth your time
->every time you think about him you can re-read it and keep seeing the reality

-don’t stalk him on social media/ real life

-don’t follow him on social media and do not like his pictures

-ask yourself: Do you really want to fall in love with him? What advantages has this? 

-DO NOT INTERPRET TOO MUCH if your crush only smiled at you or had a small talk with you these are no reason he’s in love with you

If we are in love with someone we tend to interpret too much into the actions of our crush and when they are just respectful or want to have a chit chat with us we think he fell in love with us. We also tend to live in a rosy red fantasy world where our crush is the prince charming on a rainbow unicorn and if he does something we actually don’t like/ something disrespectful we ignore it because we only see the good things in this guy. Soon or later we realize he’s not in love with us and that he’s a fuckboy.

And my tipping program doesn’t accept the word “fuckboy” and marks it red.

Or we think about how nice his personality is even if we don’t know him that well. 

xoxo Whitee-life 


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