How to stay single

This post is dedicated to everyone who doesn’t want a relationship whether it’s because of time shortage / you want have more time for yourself / you don’t want to be hurt / you don’t want to hurt someone else / you don’t want to have many problems / you don’t need a relationship.

I personally think that you don’t need a relationship with that one hot guy to be truly happy.

Maintain these following points if you want to stay single:

-first of all think about the advantages of being single
->do a whole list (and put it in your diary or hang it up on the wall) as reminder

-follow many hot guys on instagram
-> otherwise you may get excited about one guy

-if you text with a guy text with more than just one guy
->Otherwise you’re going to be concentrated on only one guy and may fall in love with him. If one guy texts you something sweet you’ll probably forget whom sent it to you when have more guys you are texting with

-text with guys who live far far away from you
-> so it’s harder to meet him and soon or later you’ll forget him

-hit every party in town with your friends
-> In general do things that keep you distracted. Otherwise it may ends with long nights in bed thinking about how bad we “need” this guy

-friendzone every guy who likes you more than just as a friend
->tell them you want to stay single

-work on your goals (I don’t mean your crush)

-do things you truly like & educate yourself  (learn a new language)

-fill in your calendar with appointments and meeting with friends
-> so that you’re to busy for a date with a guy

-don’t do something ALONE with a guy you find attractive and especially not at nigh
- don’t watch romantic movies bc most of the time they are just far away from reality

-friendship+ is allowed but when someone is feeling something for the other other person it needs to END

-get your crush a date with someone he likes apart from you and get him together with his fav girl

-watch the movie HOW TO BE SINGLE

Don’t forget:

If you think you’re on the way to fall in love with someone it’s not something bad or something you need to be sad or angry. It’s just all natural and it will fade away.

Relax and have Fun …


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