Next Challenge? Next Challenge!

I know I didn't post for a while, but that's not the topic. I love challenging myself, reach the goals and get the results that I want. One year ago I started challenge myself going 3 days a week to the gym. First it was really hard, but later I got it. Now I want to level my fitness up. I try to go every second day to the gym, but if I have too much stuff to do for school I'm not gonna go to the gym. I think I'll get it. Motivation quotes and pictures really helping me. My next challenge is #Rawtill4 (Vegan of course). I tried it a couple weeks ago, but then I gave up. #Rawtill4 is such an awesome thing. You save money, it's much more healthier, it saves time and make your body and your skin look amazing! Freely the Banana Girl inspired me to do this. So those are my challenges.

Vegetables for Red Thai Curry

One of my favorite blogs

Greensmothie (really sweet without sugar)



I still can remember those days in 6th and 7th grade where I didn't know the fuck to do with my life. Just watching stupid TV everyday and eating chips and meat all day. RIP those poor and boring days.


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