How to not be involve anymore

I'm making this post for those and a reminder for myself how it is possible to get rid of the feeling "to be in love" 

Before I used to think that it is impossible to have control over your feelings and that you fall in love with a person and you can't do anything against it. Bless the world there is actually a way because being in love is you can change. How everything is you need to work for it to earn it. 
I don't know why but when I am not in love I feel so free and there is nothing to worry about.
No need to worry if the guy likes the outfit I'm wearing if he's interested in me or just playing and how can I win him over. All that stuff is going on in my head and it is sooo difficult to concentrate on school stuff. 

Step 1 Things you need to do so you can start mentally getting rid of the feeling "being in love":

1. delete all photos of that person
and yes I mean ALL, no matter if it is without you or they sent you

2. delete the whole chat via WhatsApp

3. delete the number

4. block the guy on every platform you have them
-> 'Cause otherwise you may stalk him on social media, the guy texts you, you look at the pictures and may think "Why can't we be together" and doing all this stuff make you feel UNHAPPY

5.avoid seeing the person in Real Life
->if you don't see him the faster you get rid of the feeling "being in love"

Step 2 Stop the chaos in your head:

I want you to ask yourself these questions:

- Is the amount being happy with him higher instead of being unhappy with him?
- Does he make me feel good about myself?
- Does he have a good personality?
- Is it better to be in a relationship with him or not?
- Do I want to spend my whole life with him?
- What is this going to bring me in live if I keep on stalking, crying over him , ...?
- Could I be happier when I am no more in love with him?
- Why am I wasting time on him when I could have fun in the most beautiful way I can imagine?

- Imagine how good you would feel when you got rid of the feeling being in love...

Step 3: Therapy starts with writing, drawing...

- make a pro and contra list of that guy
- get a diary -> write down one experience he made you feel like the most happiest person ever and where he made you feel the most sad person ever
 -> compare both. Is it worth being together happy with him when he can make you feel the opposite?

You don't necessarily need to write you can say this to someone you trust/ draw

- do not just shake it off when he makes you feel unhappy. Every time we are truly in love we tend to shake it off or not thinking about the situation this person made we didn't like. Instead, realize it don't ignore it

Step 4: Don't do this stuff:

- Don't deny that you miss, think, don't love him when you actually do
- Don't say every time: I am not allowed to love, think or miss him
-> there is nothing wrong about being in love with this guy or miss the guy you absolutely fall for.
You are absolutely allowed to do this stuff. Just let it go as Elsa said it. It's normal, be proud because it shows that you great person have feelings for him

-Admit everytime you catch yourself thinking, missing him. 

Step 5: The fun part

- do things that make you happy
- learn new things
- get good in school subjects you struggle with
- meet those friends and people that make you feel soo good
- watch any series you like to watch
- download the app: hello talk
(this is no product placement, but the app is good for improving your language skills in foreign languages and it's just fun getting to know others from abroad)

Step 6:
- admit you like him
- admit when he doesn't make you feel good
- change if you want to change it
- make yourself feel happy


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